What Does Value Mean To You?

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2nd November 2015

Frozen Toes, or What Does Value Mean To You?

My 7-year-old son Murray and 10-year-old son Lewis have been told a hundred times not to go into the local loch (just in case you’re not from Scotland, that’s a lake) without an adult there to supervise.

The loch is amazing though – there’s a castle on the shores and islands with graves on them in the middle.  Despite the warnings, they paddled in the loch up to their ankles for hours this weekend. Their big sister was there to supervise and she’s a good swimmer and they were only paddling so they had taken precautions. We didn’t give them too hard a time…

When they came home, their feet were chilled to a deathly blue colour by the (almost) Arctic water. They also had mud all over them. No problem, I thought: I just sat them down in front of a basin of warm water and told them to dunk their feet in and warm up.

They screamed, recoiling their knees towards their chests.

Had I accidentally put boiling water in? Did my kids think I was trying to make Murray and Lewis soup? No: it was just warm water. But to them the contrast of their pre-frozen feet and the warm water set up such differentiation that they felt it was boiling. Amplifying the effect of the warm water.

To make your customers see and feel your value you have to do the same – you have to pre-freeze their feet by showing them side by side where they are now compared to the better place they would be in with you.

You can explain it – you can draw it. Better still do both. Show them one point that you know is a major pain to them compared to how your solution removes that pain. Then another. Then one more.

By setting up the contrast, you enable your prospects to viscerally see and feel the value you offer. Don’t talk about value – show it.  No Contrast=No Value.

My kids’ screams to turned to Ooohs and Ahs in about 30 seconds.

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