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27th September 2016

Over the past year our team has tripled in size, amazing new customers have starting working with us and we’re poised to roll out a raft of new products across our portfolio. And we’ve been delighted to see the organizations that adopt the Slingshot Messaging methodology really gaining a competitive edge.

As we’ve broken ground around the globe, you’ve shared local reactions to our name, and we’ve discovered that, whilst you love ‘Slingshot’, ‘Guru’ can mean many different things in different languages and regions, not all of them positive.

So we’ve changed our name. Just our name. Not our image, not our people, not our method. We’re still the same Slingshot you can count on to help your turn your sales enablement activities into a reliable sales enablement engine; we’re still the same Slingshot that helps you poke your prospects’ chimps; we’re still the same Slingshot that understand how to link your products to what your buyers really care about.

We’re still Slingshot. We’re delighted to announce that we’re now Slingshot Edge.


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