Turn Your Buyer Into Your Champion

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8th April 2018

Value. We hear this word so much in sales that it’s almost become a buzzword. But it isn’t! To be successful in sales you must constantly deliver value to prospects and buyers. One of our favorite ways to do this? Turn your buyer into your champion. Here’s how it works.

turn your buyer into your champion

As the initial thrill of hearing your buyer say “yes” sinks in, another emotion quickly surfaces: urgency. Your buyer will tell you they have to get approvals from other levels of management before you can close the deal. You nod in agreement as you both get ready for the next phase of the deal.

Your Champion, Your Seller

What happens in this phase? Your buyer, now your champion, has become an internal salesperson. It’s up to them to present your solution to their peers, senior management, and anyone else who must sign off on your solution. The pressure is now on your champion to show others how much better the organization will be with your solution, and close the deal.

How can you deliver more value here? Help your champion become a seller.

Your champion has now become a sales partner in your value equation. Don’t let them do all the heavy lifting! Getting internal approvals is just another part of the sales process, so do everything you can to help your champion keep things moving. Without their help and advocacy your deal could evaporate—no matter how sure you both were it would get approved.

Think of your champion as an internal rep who can help you uncover more information about the challenges the organization faces. Working together, help your champion adjust your stories so they build an even stronger case for your solution. Here’s how.

  • Adapt your Cause to Act story: Your sale began with a strong Cause to Act story. Ask your champion who they need to talk to talk to, and see if you need to adapt your existing Cause to Act story for these new targets and audiences. Look at the core themes of the story and see if you can add content or emphasize certain areas that will resonate with your new target(s). These tweaks will strengthen your story and make it easier for your champion to show the impact your solution will have across the organization.
  • Create more Slingshots, or “Only You” stories: You’ve discussed your champion’s challenges, but what about the challenges their colleagues face? Get curious and get to work. Ask your main buyer what issues other areas of the organization face, and help them create mini-slingshots that show how your solution—and only your solution—addresses these challenges.
  • Train your champion to always use contrast. Help your champion use contrast to illustrate the danger their organization will be in if they do nothing. Help them use insight to show how that danger will only escalate because of changes that are happening in the world.
  • Use tools more effectively: Does your buyer communicate via email? Will they conduct a series of web meetings to illustrate your proposal? Help them adapt the messaging accordingly. Show them how to write an email that will get their boss’s attention. Teach them how to draw your solution using collaborative web tools, a whiteboard, or piece of paper.

Sell Deeper Into the Organization

These are just a few ways you can help your champion develop powerful messaging that will sell your solution to others in their organization. During this part of the sales cycle you’ll uncover nuggets of gold that can help you sell deeper into their organization. You’ll show your client you care about the challenges they and their colleagues face, and solidify your role as a trusted advisor who can deliver concrete value to the organization.

Have more ideas on how to turn your buyer into your champion? Share them in the comments! And if you need help creating stories that sell contact us, we’d love to help.