The Chimp Brain [INFOGRAPHIC]

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31st May 2016

OR: Why your salespeople hate change and how to help them embrace it…

These are the roots of how you make decisions. Not just you: your customers, your salespeople; in fact ALL your employees. Want to motivate your salespeople to change? Poke your chimps.

You already know why you’ll always get monkeys even if you’re paying big bucks (You don’t? Read this). Every time you’ve experienced resistance to a new system, idea, or sales enablement process, it’s because your salespeople hate change. Their chimp brain is blocking them embracing the new, because it’s far too comfortable with the old. If you want to shake things up in your sales team, whether it’s for a new product or with a better process,  you need to get their chimps working with you, not against you.

Since the chimp brain also likes simple, visual information, this handy infographic boils all that science down into easy, chimp-friendly chunks.

the chimp brain


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