The 21st Century Buyer Journey

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2nd February 2016

The buyer journey really has changed. As our everyday lives become increasingly bombarded with information – headlines, status updates, purchase updates, delivery notifications, friend notifications, likes, pokes, memes – we are, by very necessity, becoming better and better at filtering out the irrelevant to make room for what really interests us. We receive five times as much information as we did in 1986, which means that, unless something’s consciously on our radar, it’s not on our radar. At all. As 21st century buyers, we already need to be engaged with a product before we even consider purchasing. This is no bad thing – indeed, millennials are the demographic most likely to respond emotionally to targeted ads – but it does mean that, as sellers, we need to change the way we approach selling and marketing, and fast.

As well as ensuring sales messaging is emotionally relevant and engaging for its target audience, you also want to make it as simple and easily-digested as possible. Another side-effect of our hyper-connected, information-saturated, 24 hour digital lifestyle is this craving for clear data that makes sense on first sight. The use of visualized information has increased staggeringly over the last thirty years, because infographics tap into this very basic instinct. Did you know that 50% of your brain is involved in visual processing?

So we thought we’d put together this infographic for you that clearly shows the buyer journey and what you need to be doing to keep up with today’s digitally-savvy, information saturated buyer to ensure your messaging hits its mark. You’re welcome.