Snow Software Doubles Deal Size with Slingshot Edge

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1st February 2018

Snow Software was one of our first customers. They’re in the software asset management business and experienced significant growth last year. Clark Green is Snow’s global head of sales enablement. In his first ten months on the job Snow grew from 480 to 700 employees, and his sales enablement team was onboarding about 20-25 sellers each month.

snow software doubles sales

“You can list your qualifications all day long, but no one cares about your trophies.” Clark Green, Snow Software

Snow’s sales reps are measured on productivity and when Clark started, their average conversion rate—the percentage of customers who take a second meeting—stood at about twenty percent. Snow knew they had to change something, so they brought us in to help create a Cause to Act story and Slingshots that would hit their buyers’ chimp brains front and center.

Pipeline and deal size growth

I caught up with Clark to see how the sales team was using the stories and if they were resonating with their buyers. I was thrilled to hear the sales team had tripled their conversion rate and more than doubled their average deal size using Slingshot’s methodologies.

What’s even more thrilling? Hearing that Snow hit its number 2017. The entire sales team is off to Engelberg, Switzerland to celebrate!

Clark was kind enough to sit for a quick chat to talk about how he integrated a few Slingshot methods into their sales enablement process. Here are the highlights of our talk, which have been edited a bit for clarity. No time to read? Watch the video on our You Tube channel for the entire conversation, or get in touch to learn more. Cheers!

Video highlights

Slingshot Edge: When you first started you didn’t know much about the Slingshot program. Can you tell me what your first impressions were?

Clark Green: My first impression was that it was a sound theory. The less people who can use PowerPoint [during a sales call] the better they’ll be remembered, because the conversation will be more spontaneous.

SE: Let’s talk about results. One of the things you’re measured on is time to productivity.

CG: Yes. And when you talk about metrics, our first meeting to second meeting conversion rate was about twenty percent. That was the reason we started working with Slingshot Edge, because we knew we needed to change something.

SE: So you started at a twenty percent conversion rate. What was it after the Slingshot program?

CG: We’re about nine months into the program, and the conversion rate is up to about sixty percent. So we’ve more than tripled it, and it continues to go up.

SE: Has the deal size gone up?

CG: The deal size has definitely gone up from the leads generated by our business development team. We were down at the $100,000 range, and those are up now to about $224,000 or $227,000 the last time I checked, so it’s more than doubled.

SE: You said the previous approach early in a deal was to show up, do a demo, show some PowerPoint slides, and the whole process was very much focused on product. How are things different now?

CG: When we start a deal with the Slingshot Edge methodology, we go in with the understanding of what’s important to the customer, and that is different for each buyer. We want to know what their goal is, as opposed to our goal, which is to sell more widgets off the truck. We know that Snow is the biggest software asset management provider in the world, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean anything to anybody.

SE: No one cares.

CG: Right! But they do have problems we can solve. So how do we, in initial conversations with prospects, draw out those problems? We focus on their goals, and once we understand what their goals are using the Cause to Act, then we can present what’s unique about Snow and tell stories about how we’ve solved similar problems based on the challenges they’re having.

SE: So you’ve gone from talking about your product and Snow’s world to talking about the customer and their world and the challenges they face.

CG: Exactly.

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