Secret Sticky Messaging Sauce of a Global Tech Company

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24th November 2015

You’re a worldwide technology company that provides network management tools in a crowded market. How do you stand out?

Netscout do it. This is how they managed to make their customers care about what they have to offer:

  1. The Product Marketing and Senior Sales team came together and really, REALLY researched their customer (CIOs & IT Managers). By looking at the world from their point of view, they were able to understand what truly matters to their customer, and the day-to-day struggles they could help fix.
  1. They found something that is a real threat to their customer’s livelihood and imagined what that would be like. This is part of the Slingshot Story building process.
  1. They used this insight to build an interesting story, not a list of benefits or a value proposition. A story that actually reflects real life, showing how current practices make that threat worse.
  1. They then contrasted that current, threatening situation with new practices that could minimize the threat. The value Netscout offer is illustrated by that contrast.  If you cannot see and feel the contrast between a bad situation and a better one, then you can’t see or feel the value in a new way of doing things.
  1. Then they tested out their story on a group of CIOs, who agreed it was a tricky issue, and were delighted that their predicament was finally being understood and articulated.

Here’s their story, in video format. It’s getting about 1000 views per day at the time of writing.

Every one of their reps can articulate this story in any of their conversations.   They can also very credibly present the story and support it with simple visuals drawn on a piece of paper or flip chart. In their customer’s eyes Netscout salespeople are acting as valuable consultants rather than salespeople who need to shift product.

Look out for Slingshot ingredients like simplicity, contrast and looking at the world from the customer’s point of view.


Marketer Seth Godin elaborates on this effect in this blog.

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