Sales Enablement is just Storytelling

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20th September 2015

Imagine this: a sales team that was continually missing their revenue targets.

Think you’ve heard this one before?

There’s almost certainly nothing wrong with the products you sell, but if customers aren’t buying, there’s maybe something wrong with the way you’re selling them. Perhaps you’ve tried everything: firing poor performers and bringing in bright new salespeople, changing commission plans, offering more incentives. CRM. Sales Force Automation. An entire sales enablement team. You’ve created Sales Plays, Competitive Battlecards, Industry Guides and new Powerpoint Decks. The whole sales team has gone through training on the Challenger Sale, and still your revenue targets are proving out of reach.

It’s time to tell a story. Not a fantasy or imaginary story, but one that talks about the world of your customer. A story that’s simply and visual.

Stories are amazing.

By telling these stories, salespeople can translate all the information they’ve been given about their products, industry and competitive positioning into something that really interests their customers.

Stories work because they’re simple to understand and each customer can recognize their role in the plot. These are stories about them and their frustrations. They talk about the things they’re struggling with and the concerns they have. They’re personal.

And because they provide a visual contrast between the buyer’s current situation and a better way of doing things, these stories are eye-opening. They help your buyers to really see the precariousness of their current situation and offer a true route to a better way of doing things. Now, your sales person is useful, a friend, a saviour, even. Someone who can advance your buyer’s career, make them a hero in their organisation. No need to talk to any other suppliers.

Sales enablement is about more than creating sales tools, providing information and setting up training. Your sales team needs a way to package all the sales enablement content they’re given, otherwise they will not use it. Package your sales plays, battlecards and industry guides into visual stories and your salespeople will use them because they’re simple. Visual stories ensure your message is remembered. And most importantly, they can be easily adapted to put each customer at the heart of the narrative.

Anyone can be a good storyteller if they know how to structure a good story.

Click here to download our guide to building a Cause to Act Story.