Story Builder

Turn your messaging into stories that sell with Story Builder.

Make it easy for your buyers to choose you.

Marketing Leaders: is your business challenged by ?

• Sales teams ignoring your collateral

• Sales people straying from your core messaging

• Low ‘new product’ launch message adoption

Sales leaders: do your sellers struggle with?

• Communicating your unique value

• Engaging your prospects with valuable insight

• Avoiding NO DECISION

You need to give your sellers visual story building blocks that they can easily remember and use to fuel their conversations.

Sales and Marketing build them together as a team – aligned.

60% of B2B deals end up in NO DECISION and according to Gartner only 3% of sales people can communicate your unique value.

STORY BUILDER enables your Sales and Marketing leaders to Build 2 Stories focused on a product area:

Cause to Act story (Avoids NO DECISION) Giving your sellers a tool to deliver Insight to their prospects, making them realize they’re current position in not sustainable and they must take action.

Only YOU Story Giving your sellers a tool to take what they have discovered from their prospect and position your unique capability LINKED to your customer’s must have goals.

“Slingshot Edge made it possible for us to equip 2000 sellers with stories that talk to our customer’s business first, then link their goals to our unique capabilities”

Lisa Contini

I want to align my sales and marketing…