Slingshot Rationale

Build consensus: Reach influencers and close the deal with Slingshot Rationale

Does not rational thinking effect your sales?

• Too many deals ending up in NO DECISION

• Sales cycles too long

• Buyers cannot see what is different about you

• Sellers struggle to achieve ‘trusted advisor’ status

You have a yes from your main buyer, but you’re not done yet. According to the Corporate Executive Board, you’ll need to get approval from at least 5 more people to close the deal.

Slingshot Rationale will help you get those approvals. Unlike your initial buyers, the influencers involved in this advanced stage of the sales cycle need to hear a different language: the rational, logical words of finance.

Designed for financial decision makers, Slingshot Rationale helps you translate your solution into a one-page proposal that illustrates the financial benefits of your solution. Using your buyer’s assumptions as the foundation for the proposal, you’ll demonstrate the value your solution brings to the organization. You’ll also clearly illustrate the ROI it will deliver. This will help you justify the business case for your solution, build consensus in the account, and close deals faster.

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