Slingshot Coach

Make sure your sellers know what to do at every moment in the buyer’s journey…

Is your sales team challenged by ?

• Too many buying roles

• Do not know what to do at different points in the buyer’s journey

• Different needs from different roles

• What message addresses their prospect’s need

• Sellers struggle to adapt on the fly

You need to understand all the buyers and all the situations and make it easy for your sellers to be reminded what to do for each scenario. They need to use the right story at the right time.

That’s what slingshot coach does. Together we analysis each stage in your buyers journey for each of the buyers. Then we build a custom version of each of your stories in video format.

These situational conversation blocks (videos) can then be embedded into your CRM such as SFDC and configured so your sellers are prompted with an example conversation to use at that point in the buyer’s journey.

If your CRM does not provide such integration you can use Slingshot Planner – a SaaS based interactive, ‘context aware’ content delivery system.

“a tailored approach to the different moments in the buyer’s journey”

Like jazz musicians, reps will learn how to improvise and use your stories in any situation with a customer.

I want to map my buyer’s journey…