Sales Enabler

The average attention span today is just 8 seconds (Microsoft).

That’s one second less than a goldfish.


. . . if every single one of your salespeople knew your story by heart

. . . they could share that story in every customer situation

. . . they could effectively adapt the storyto each specific customer situation, with confidence that it will be remembered, make an impact and cause action.

This is a sales culture change.

If you want your team to sell your products better, this is what it takes.

That’s what the Slingshot Edge Sales Enabler is – an experience that engages your sellers through all their senses.

It’s fun, it’s frightening, it’s challenging.

Your sales team will role play real scenarios, draw on whiteboards, play games on their smartphones, all with your content embedded. They interact with e-learning that forces them to do difficult things. And, most terrifying of all: they film themselves. It’s this process of sticky learning techniques that plants your stories firmly in their minds, and ensures they’re fully bought into sharing those stories in the most compelling way possible.

“Slingshot Edge made it possible for us to equip 2000 sellers with our story and gave them the tools to customize it for their sales scenarios”

Brianna Lewke
Senior Sales onboarding Leader
Palo Alto Networks

I want to enable my sales force…