Sales Builder

Show your sellers how to build the right story for the deals they’ve worked on.

Make it easy for your buyers to choose you

Is your business challenged by:

  • Too many deals ending in NO DECISION?
  • Sales cycles too long?
  • Buyers cannot see what is different about you?
  • Sellers struggle to achieve ‘trusted advisor’ status?

Your sellers need to slingshot their conversations.

That means using information they have researched and discovered about their prospects in a very powerful way.

For your specific opportunities your sellers will:

Build and deliver their Cause to Act Story which:

  • Shapes their customer’s thinking by delivering insight early in the engagement
  • Elevates your seller’s status from “just another seller” in your customer’s mind
  • Makes your prospect predisposed to reveal their hidden needs

Build and deliver their ONLY YOU STORY which:

  • Identifies your buyers key goals.
  • Links your unique value into these goals.
  • Makes it easy for your buyer to choose you.

“We closed an $8m software deal after attending the workshop because we shaped our prospects thinking using Slingshot methods”

John Bissett, Sales Director
Lockheed Martin

“Our average deal size has more than doubled from $80k one year ago, to more than $200k today”

Clark Green, Global Head of Sales Enablement
Snow Software

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