Make a bigger impact with your buyers at every stage of the sales cycle

Sales Builder

1 Day Messaging Workshop

Learn to build and deliver deal specific stories for deal specific situations, that close opportunities your sellers are engaged in.

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Story Builder

Messaging: Create your stories that sell with Story Builder

Simplify complex information and turn it into attention-grabbing stories that cause buyers to act – in your favour.


Sales Enabler

Sales Enablement and Training: Show reps how to deliver the stories with Sales Enabler

Show your sales reps how to deliver stories that connect with buyers and speed up sales cycles.



Behaviour Reinforcement: Arm your management team with skills and tools

Integrate Slingshot’s processes into your sales culture to reinforce best practices across your methodologies



Build Consensus: Teach influencers and close the deal with Slingshot Rationale

Help your buyer create a business case that justifies your solution to other stakeholders and influencers in the account.


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