Need a sales culture change but struggle to find training time out of the office? Slingshot Edge Wildfire Sales Messaging could be just what you’re looking for. 
Wildfire Sales Messaging is a 50 day culture change with only one out-of-office training day. Preparative e-learning and ongoing gamified consolidation prepare your trainees to deliver your stories effectively, in every sales conversation or marketing campaign.
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Story Builder

Let’s face it: your message is drowning in a sea of your competitors’ messages. Your prospective customers find it hard to see your uniqueness. Maybe it’s OK some of the time, but it depends who they talk to. 
They’re used to hearing is lists of products and services, which, to them, all sound the same. By the time they get around to making a decision, they’ve forgotten why they need to choose you. Or worse, they never saw why they should in the first place.
The Slingshot Edge Story Builder guides you through creating a visual story that etches your uniqueness onto your buyer’s mind. A story set in their world. And one that maximizes the likelihood of your buyer taking action by engaging their emotional (decision-making) self.
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Sales Enabler

Once you’ve built compelling and engaging stories, you need to get your sales people bought into adopting your stories as part of their everyday working lives. Something that ensures every one of your sales people learn your story, and how to share it in every customer environment, at every stage of the buying journey.
More than a training workshop: it’s a sales culture change. If you need your organization to be different, this is what it takes.
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