The Incredibly Real Power of Rhetoric

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23rd January 2017

“Metaphors are all over the place, and they are political, in that they are used to lead people towards things or to make them recoil. We use beautiful images – images of people, images of love, images of family, of sunshine – in order to draw people towards things, and we use disgusting images – vermin, scary monsters, disease, sickness – in order to make people recoil. And they’re all lies. And they’re never challenged. And yet they have an enormous impact on the way that people behave and respond”

Simon Lancaster writes speeches for some of the world’s top politicians and CEOs. His words have been on the lips of the men who run countries and Cadbury’s, and he’s an avid scholar of the ancient art of rhetoric. In this short video, he introduces the six most powerful elements of rhetorical speech that are currently only taught to the elite few, and warns that we should all be educated in these techniques to preserve the very nature of democracy.