Find Your Value Equation

Too often, prospects can’t really tell the difference between the solutions they see from sellers. Why? Because sellers only talk about the benefits of the solution, not the value. When this happens, the customer decides your value, not […]

What’s with all the ’emotion’ business?

My last article about brain science and storytelling created a slurry of emotions for me—and triggered enough thoughts and ramblings for another article. If you haven’t heard it yet get ready – ‘emotion’ is the business world’s next […]

The POWER (Point) of Story Telling

Julie Dean We all have different ways to stay current on the latest news and trends that will better ourselves and the world we live in. For me, as odd as it sounds, my favorite daily fix comes […]

What could you achieve if your team were all working at 100%?

“If people are functioning at an 85% level of their capacities, they tend to be happy and complacent and say, ‘I’m doing really well, I’ll skip the last 15%.’ … But I would say there are some very astute […]

The Incredibly Real Power of Rhetoric

“Metaphors are all over the place, and they are political, in that they are used to lead people towards things or to make them recoil. We use beautiful images – images of people, images of love, images of […]

Monkey Business: The Trump Campaign

In our Monkey Business series, we analyse how charismatic leaders tickle your chimp to influence you. First up: President Elect Donald Trump. Earlier this month, the Republican Party celebrated success in one of the most divisive elections in […]

Why this election’s a load of monkey business…

Ever think politics is mostly chimp chatter? That’s because it is. Why? The answer’s in this infographic:

We’ve Changed…

Over the past year our team has tripled in size, amazing new customers have starting working with us and we’re poised to roll out a raft of new products across our portfolio. And we’ve been delighted to see […]

Triple Your Sales Impact With One Small Change

Civil rights campaigner Maya Angelou once said, “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” And it’s true – think back now to your […]

The Chimp Brain [INFOGRAPHIC]

OR: Why your salespeople hate change and how to help them embrace it… These are the roots of how you make decisions. Not just you: your customers, your salespeople; in fact ALL your employees. Want to motivate your […]

When it ’s OK to think of your employees as monkeys

I was offered my first job when I was 13, working in a farm shop for the princely sum of 20p an hour. Even back in the murk of the last century, 20p an hour was the equivalent […]

The Challenger Customer – From Theory to Practice

A Challenger, Sales Enablement and a Special thing   5.4                             1   These numbers tell a story about your world. About the world of […]

Sales Kick-Offs, Weightlifting, and Cash Down the Drain.

It’s the beginning of the year, and for many sales organizations that means it’s Sales Kick-Off (SKO) season. Hundreds of sales people will fly off to (kind of) exotic locations, where they will prepare for their learning experience […]

The 21st Century Buyer Journey

The buyer journey really has changed. As our everyday lives become increasingly bombarded with information – headlines, status updates, purchase updates, delivery notifications, friend notifications, likes, pokes, memes – we are, by very necessity, becoming better and better at […]

The Buyer’s Journey

We’re big admirers of the work the guys over at Inflexion Point do. Their latest blog, from their writer Bob Apollo, aligns so closely with the Slingshot approach to selling that we’re almost jealous we didn’t write it […]

4 Storytelling Sales Methods You’re Already Using Without Realising

In my last post, I talked about the storytelling glue and how we all naturally give meaning to things that are relevant to us in order to help us remember what to somebody else might be an entirely […]

Finding the Glue

Do you make shopping lists? Have you ever forgotten it? What do you do? Maybe you phone home and ask your partner, or child, or roommate, or ANYBODY who might be there to find that list at all […]

Secret Sticky Messaging Sauce of a Global Tech Company

You’re a worldwide technology company that provides network management tools in a crowded market. How do you stand out? Netscout do it. This is how they managed to make their customers care about what they have to offer: […]

What has a schoolgirl’s French lesson got to do with Sales Enablement?

I was out playing golf with a pal last week, and he told me his daughter had been having problems with her French classes at school.  She wasn’t alone: it’s a sad fact, but in 2015 the study […]

What Does Value Mean To You?

Frozen Toes, or What Does Value Mean To You? My 7-year-old son Murray and 10-year-old son Lewis have been told a hundred times not to go into the local loch (just in case you’re not from Scotland, that’s a […]

3 Obstacles to Effective Customer Engagement

from SBI Sales Benchmark Index indicate the No 1 issue to effective customer engagement is that sales content is rubbish. It’s usually neither relevant or compelling. To address this you need to understand your buyer better and what […]

Product Marketing and the 3000 Year-old Shepherd Boy.

Product Marketing and the 3000 Year-old Shepherd Boy. What do they have in common? They both deploy similar techniques to get what they want. Product marketers should be doing it to make people care about their offerings. The […]

Sales Enablement is just Storytelling

Imagine this: a sales team that was continually missing their revenue targets. Think you’ve heard this one before? There’s almost certainly nothing wrong with the products you sell, but if customers aren’t buying, there’s maybe something wrong with the […]


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