What could you achieve if your team were all working at 100%?

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20th February 2017

“If people are functioning at an 85% level of their capacities, they tend to be happy and complacent and say, ‘I’m doing really well, I’ll skip the last 15%.’ … But I would say there are some very astute people around, and Chris Hoy is one of them, who recognises there are mental areas where he could improve. So he comes along and he says to me, ‘Give me the extra 15%. I want to be at 100’.”


Professor Steven Peters works with elite athletes around the world. He was a core element in the Olympic training for Team GB. His Chimp Paradox method has revolutionised sports psychology. But what’s really exciting is how organizations and leaders can adopt his method for their own teams.

Peters’ model teaches you to tap into the irrational, emotional side of your personality (the chimp), and to harness its huge power as an influencer of behaviour. For cyclists, this means the motivation to train longer, push harder, and ultimately bring home more medals. For salespeople, this means ability to motivate the decision to change in any prospect. And when all your salespeople can all push their performance to 100%, imagine what that could mean for your sales success.

Your biggest competition isn’t your competitors. It’s your buyer’s chimp brain, which is five times more powerful in determining behaviour and, most significantly: Does. Not. Like. Change.

If you want to understand more about what’s holding back your buyers or what’s holding back your team, The Chimp Paradox is a good place to start. If you’d rather talk to a human about it, give us a call.

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