Stories sell.
So we help you tell the stories your buyers really care about.

The Slingshot Founders came together in 2011 to develop a method for businesses to communicate with their buyers in a meaningful, human way. Our vision was to help companies grow by teaching them how to communicate better. That means giving sales and marketing teams a messaging approach rooted in the last ten years’ research in the field of decision-making psychology. Slingshot Edge helps you create stories that cause action and make your uniqueness clear, enable your sellers to share these stories in a unique and meaningful way, and justify your buyer’s purchase decisions with visual ROI information.

The way we buy is changing. The way we sell needs to catch up.


Tables, charts, and words jiggling on the page. Drowning in a sea of information, but not quite able to completely understand or remember what was discussed. Listening to never ending monologues with a constant, stomach-churning dread of being asked to read out loud to everyone else. No – these aren’t field notes from his last sales meeting. They’re the memories Calum Kilgour, Slingshot Edge’s founder, has of his school days in Edinburgh, Scotland. .

Twenty years after he left school, Calum learned he was dyslexic. His fear of appearing stupid in school fueled an unrelenting obsession in his professional life: to make it easier—for himself and others—to consume, interpret, and remember information.

This drive for simplicity powered Calum’s sales career. He realized his prospects were just as frustrated—and scared of appearing stupid—as he’d been at school as they struggled to make sense of the overwhelming amount of information presented to them.

Slingshot Edge was Born.

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We’re living in an age when your buyers can access more information about you and your products than your sellers can. If you want to stand out in this world, it’s not about talking louder than your competitors. It’s about talking smarter. You need to understand your buyers’ world, and be able tell stories about that world that help your buyer connect with you, care about you and choose you. Slingshot Edge’s story building methodology is a three-part process that enables you to grab your buyer’s attention, clearly show your differentiation, and create compelling stories that motivate your buyers to take action to change. The common factor that links all three parts of the process is your buyer’s emotional self – their Chimp Brain.

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