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Imagine if you could help the vast majority of your sellers perform like your ROCKSTAR sellers

To do that you need to understand what the ROCKSTARS are doing which the rest are not.


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Avoid the hidden traps your buyers unconciously set

Sales Bench Mark Index, Forrester & CSO Insights all agree that a large chunk of the deals in your pipeline will end in what they call NO DECISION.  These are the deals that trip over from one quarter to another.

Your buyer HATES Change – yet that’s what you’re asking them to do.  They feel RISK, STRESS, LOSS OF CONTROL.

If your buyer manages to overcome NO DECISION, you’re then in a dog fight with other providers.  Often your buyer CAN’T SEE  why they should choose you, so they choose the seller with the lowest price.

These are emotional barriers you need to help your sellers navigate.

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The Slingshot Edge conversation system integrates with your chosen sales methodology. Your sales and marketing leaders learn THE RULES that control your buyer’s decision making mind.  And together with our consultants you build your winning stories.

Next,  operationalize them at scale via eCoaching, content tools and in-person events.

We call these stories Slingshots. Think of them as winning conversation building blocks, and they can be delivered at any stage of the sales cycle. Best of all?

When you work with Slingshot Edge, you give everyone on your sales team THE RULES  your Rockstars unconciously use every day.

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