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60% of sales cycles end in no decision. Find out how to change that by tapping into the decision-making areas of your buyer’s brain. The Slingshot Edge method enables your reps to create consistent, visual stories that grab your prospects’ attention and sparks interest in your solutions.

What’s different about these stories?

They’re told in a language your customer truly understands.

Their own.

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Change the rules of engagement

The Slingshot Edge process shows your reps how to transform complex information into effective, conversational stories that trigger the decision-making part of your buyer’s brain.

These stories give buyers a new perspective on their world and position your solutions in a new light. Because they’re set squarely in your buyer’s world, these stories really resonate. Your buyers see your reps as trusted advisors, and consequently ask for more information, more advice, and more meetings.

Reps who use this model create an emotional connection with their prospects and change the rules of engagement in their favor.

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The Slingshot Edge approach integrates with your chosen sales methodology. Slingshot Edge consultants work with your messaging stakeholders to develop their stories, and launch them to your sales teams via eLearning and sales tools.

We call these stories Slingshots, and they can be delivered at any stage of the sales cycle. Best of all? You create these stories using the same messages as your marketing team, and they’re modelled by your champions along the way. The Slingshot method simply changes the way reps tell your stories so they’ll hit home faster. When you work with Slingshot Edge, you give everyone on your sales team the secret recipe your top rep uses to close more sales every day.

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